Official Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ship Shape Chopping Board

Now you can use the fastest bucket of bolts in the galaxy to cut up your onions. Yes, Han Solo's ride has been consigned to the kitchen, and you can be the beneficiary. If you are handy with a light saber (or a knife) you can have all your veggies...

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Star Wars R2 D2 Egg Cup With Lid

Enjoy your morning hard-boiled fix out of your favorite cheeky little droid. It even comes with a matching...

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Star Wars I am Chewbacca Costume Adult Brown T-Shirt (Adult Large)

Bring out your inner outer Wookie with this funny Chewbacca t-shirt. This shirt will have Star Wars fans chuckling as you pass. Don't be alarmed if strangers ask to touch your fur. Gotta love the laser crossbow shoulder belt too....

$16.60 as at 16:11 UTC. (Details)
Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Direwolf Bookends

The Stark's Family Sigil is impressively represented in these matching 8 inch direwolf bookends. Keep your enter George R.R. Martin collection encased in style with these bad ass representation of the savage giant wolves. Is that Nymeria or Summer?...

$69.99 as at 16:11 UTC. (Details)
Elixer of the Undead Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

Mmmmm brains wine. Gross out your more sophisticated party guests with this gruesome zombie wine bottle holder. Also makes a great gag gift for the unapologetic wine snob in your life. 12 In. Long, 8 In. Tall, 6 1/2 In....

$19.95 as at 03:00 UTC. (Details)
AMC Breaking Bad Green Fade 4pk of Pint Glasses

Want to impress your beer-swilling buddies? Pull these out of the freezer. Nothing like enjoying a pint of delicious suds while revisiting some of your favorite quotes from one of the best shows ever made. Forgot Heineken - have a...

$30.17 as at 09:17 UTC. (Details)
Archer Board Game

Now you can play the role of your favorite foul-mouthed super-spy in this sweet new board game for 2-8 players. Don't worry, your other favorites are available too, including Lana, Pam, Cyril and the creep Dr. Krieger. Phrasing! Contains: 2...

$55.99 as at 16:11 UTC. (Details)
Mandatory Fun

Everybody's favorite geek/musician is back with more great parody classics. This time Mr. Yankovic takes on Robin Thicke, Pharell and Lourde. I don't know how he gets his song ideas but he keeps managing to crank out the...

$7.67 as at 09:17 UTC. (Details)
Star Trek The Next Generation Phaser Remote Control

Set phaser on stun and change to channel 4! Now you'll never get the remote control out of your hubby's...

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48 Inch Traditional Batleth

Okay, I'm breaking the Star Wars streak. Here is a little something for the Trekkie's in the crowd. Check out this beautiful Klingon weapon. A most honorable blade...

$54.89 as at 16:11 UTC. (Details)
Star Wars - Merchandise - Darth Vader Baking Pan / Cake Dish (9" x 11" x 2")

I've been on a bit of a Star Wars roll lately, so why not keep it going with this awesome Darth Vader Baking Pan. Enjoy some delicious chocolate cake in the shape of your favorite Sith Lord's helmet. Now they just need to make a matching one with...

$13.49 as at 02:57 UTC. (Details)
EKids SW-M23.2 Star Wars Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System

Nothing like waking up to the soothing sounds of Vader. This alarm clock is also an iPod/iPhone...

$39.99 as at 12:55 UTC. (Details)
Inflatable MiniGun Arm

Someday, far in the future, maybe we'll see soldiers rocking real miniguns on their cybernetic arms, but in the meantime we ordinary citizens can have plenty of fun with the inflatable version. No, it doesn't actually fire anything, but it would...

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Official Minecraft Foam Sword in Official ThinkGeek Packaging

Whether you are a huge Minecraft geek or you just like hitting people with swords (without going to jail) this official Minecraft foam sword is a great collector's item. Grab a bunch and make war with your...

$19.69 as at 16:11 UTC. (Details)
Bag of Holding

Those of you who played Dungeons & Dragons in your youth (or perhaps still do) will no doubt remember the super-handy Bag of Holding, which allowed your character to stuff way more goodies than the apparent volume of the bag would suggest would...